About the Weazel

He’s a swell fellow!

…But a bit of an oddball. He is an autodidact with no formal edjumacation, yet he is widely read in the fields of literature, history, and especially natural history. Special interests include herpetology, speleology, botany, and tropical ecology.

For fun the Weazel loves hiking, mountain biking, trespassing, cave exploration, canoeing, fishing, snake hunting (photos only!), and arguing with idiots in taverns.

The Weazel is proud that he has never held a real job in his entire life; nevertheless, he works very hard. By vocation he is an environmental artist (more on that below). By avocation he is a rake, raconteur, scribbulator, and conservationist. Above all else, he is an explorer motivated by insatiable curiosity; as such, he has traveled the world in search of adventure, truth, and beauty.

The Weazel lives with his beloved consort Dr. Ann in a rustic cabin deep in the woods of Weazelworld, a sovereign enclave in the general vicinity of Wacahoota, Florida.

But where is Wacahoota? As Gertrude Stein once said, “There is no there there”. It is an ancient place name, one of the oldest in the State, but no two maps agree as to the exact location, what county it is in, or even how to spell the name. Here is the general gist.

Good luck finding Watkahootee!

One might suppose the name Wacahoota to have been derived from the calls of the ubiquitous owls that frequent Weazelworld and often snatch mice from the heads of guests; but no, it is an Injun word meaning Cow pen. 

Rita never flinches!

There are plenty of snakes too!

Weazelworld is a place of great natural beauty that has been artistically augmented in an ecologically responsible manner. Many of the trees are ancient.

Weazelworld in the spring

Artists and scientists from around the world often gather at Weazelworld to explore the forest, swill beer, and exchange dubious theories and anecdotes.

If you wish to contact the Weazel in regard to this blog you may do so by emailing me at agkistrodonbites at weazelwise dot com.

Those who insist upon knowing even more about the Weazel may visit his other website at environmentaldesigns dot org. You may email him there using bjm at the above domain. You may also wish to visit the Butterfly Rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History which he considers to be his finest work.